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Born on Wight Island, he was an amatory artist when climbing on board HMS Enterprise at mooring close to London Tower in August 1795. Few days later he joined HMS Caroline, a brand new frigate. He is appreciated as a sailor and in 1800, he is promoted. Unfortunately, when in Majorca same year, he is sent back to England, as an invalid.
This misfortune allowed him to develop a prolific artistic career. The precision in his works shows the high boats knowledge he had. He displayed at Royal Academy and British Institute.
For long it was thought him to die in 1827, but one of his paintings of the Queen Victoria visit to Edinburgh in 1842 allowed to date his death in November of the same year.


Royaume Uni
19ème siècle
1768  - 1842
Peche professionelle,Yachting classique,Navires de guerre anciens,Vues générales,Scenes cotieres,Batailles du 18-19eme,Tempetes et naufrages

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