The marine artist dictionary




Even more than coasts, harbors are the links between the man and the sea. 

As soon as the 16th century, some harbor views can be find with Jan and Pieter Brueghel (the very famous "Fall of Icare"). There, even if the harbor is not the main subject, it is part of the scene.



The 17th century provided us with a lot of works, and we can even say that Marine Art began with harbors. Obviously, the artists only know the sea through harbors.

Page in progress. Some artists:

Claude Gellée dit le Lorrain , Abraham StorckJoseph VernetNicolas OzanneMorel-FatioEugène BoudinJongkind

Nowadays, the subject is still a favorite subject for many artists, some very famous like: John Stobart, Dusan Kadlec...